Life Insurance Actuarial Consultants

Elucidor provides a range of high-end actuarial consulting and analytical services to insurance and reinsurance companies.  This includes product development, improvement of underwriting practices and procedures, reinsurance re-engineering, and development of mortality and morbidity tables.

Furthermore, we provide a range of predictive modeling services using the most advanced machine learning and AI techniques.  The advantage of this is to allow our clients to differentiate their target markets by risk class in far greater detail than would be available using traditional actuarial techniques.  The key benefits for our clients is the ability to improve underwriting, better price products and ultimately drive down claim costs and enhance product profitability.  Typical predictive modeling projects include:

  • Assessing how best to design a “limited” or “short form” underwriting product
  • Improved categorization of lives among preferred, standard and rated categories
  • Improved analysis of which target markets or insured categories have better or worse mortality

In addition, we provide product pricing of life insurance, long-term care, critical illness and other product lines using our PREDICT! software platform.

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