Property and Casualty Actuarial Consultants

Sample Elucidor Project


Our client was a multi-line P&C insurance carrier based in an emerging market.  It was a dominant player in the market, was growing rapidly but found that its capital and resources were stretched too thin among its various opportunities.  The client needed a strategic review of business operations and a framework to determine on which business it should focus, apply capital and measure results on a consistent basis.

What We Did

We conducted a comprehensive, strategic and financial review of the business.  We analyzed each operating department’s financial performance and interviewed senior and business line management.  We established performance measures that allowed departments to be compared on a consistent basis.  We ranked the company’s strengths relative to market environment and recommended the best strategic alternatives for the company.  Finally, we recommended a set of financial and business objectives that would improve the company’s financial strength and profitability, and in turn would allow for an improved company valuation.