Lotter Actuarial Partners is now Elucidor

In 1994, I formed Lotter Actuarial Partners, Inc., an actuarial consulting firm specializing in buy-side insurance company appraisals, mortality science and critical illness product design and underwriting.

Over the ensuing years, Lotter Actuarial Partners was fortunate to attract talented and creative actuaries, systems analysts, programmers, medical doctors, underwriters and other professionals who brought additional expertise to the practice. Today, the practice provides, in addition to its original specialties, predictive analytics, long-term care expertise, insurance company rehabilitation know-how, litigation support, arbitration support, computer systems design and implementation, reinsurance reengineering and impaired life underwriting services.

Over the years we have developed a  landmark consulting service, DeepInsight!, our predictive analytics platform.  DeepInsight! is built on a foundation of powerful machine learning, generalized linear modeling and Bayesian inference.  It is the tool we use to discover relationships between predictor and predicted variables using data that, just a few years ago, would have been regarded as too sparse or too complicated to yield meaningful conclusions, given the methods then available.

The intellectual leap made by DeepInsight! was spurred by two modern developments:


  • First, academics and data engineers have invented new powerful methods and algorithms for extracting information from experience records and using this information to predict future events;
  • Second, computing hardware capacity and software computation speeds have advanced to a stage where ultrafast computations became practicable.


In essence, DeepInsight! is a statistical tool specifically geared to bring cutting edge machine learning and Bayesian techniques to risk taking financial institutions.  It has natural application in every type of insurance business, including life, survivorship, long term care, critical illness and property and casualty.  But DeepInsight!’s reach readily extends to other businesses such as banks and hedge funds where accurate prediction of risk parameters through the use of data mining can be counted on to add value.

Thus Lotter Actuarial Partners has expanded from a somewhat narrow consulting company in 1994 to a firm now providing the many services enumerated above plus DeepInsight!’s mathematical data analytics. These also find application outside the realm of insurance and reinsurance.

We have chosen to rebrand Lotter Actuarial Partners as “Elucidor” to reflect the widened scope of our activities. We hope that our old and new clients will like this new name.

We continue to provide the same level of quality services and dedicated expertise that has been a hallmark of our business since 1994.  Our devotion to professionalism, hard science and clear elucidation remains alive.

Johan Lotter

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