Life Settlements

Elucidor is a specialist actuarial and financial advisory firm. Our partners have been involved in the life settlement industry for almost 20 years and are leading experts in the field. We advise on all aspects of the business from policy and portfolio pricing and valuation, underwriting, due diligence, life expectancy evaluation and portfolio administration. Our managing partners, Johan Lotter and Howard Zail, founded Proverian Capital, one of the most well-regarded providers in the business and managed the company for over 10 years. We now provide independent advisory services to institutional investors and participants in the market.

Life settlements are a complex and multi-faceted business with many risks that are not easily identified. We support our clients throughout the acquisition and servicing process to achieve profitable participation in this asset class. We provide a unique blend of actuarial, medical underwriting, and business management expertise that is critical for successful participation in this market.

Sample projects:

  • Portfolio appraisal and due diligence
  • Life settlement-specific mortality table development
  • Portfolio servicing
  • Due diligence of counterparties such as providers, and servicers
  • Development of end-to-end, turn key acquisition and administration software
  • Development of risk management protocols and compliance procedures

Key Expertise

  • Actuarial appraisal of policies and portfolios
  • Due diligence of portfolios
  • Quality assessment of tertiary policies
  • Mortality analysis
  • Impaired life underwriting
  • Management oversight of acquisition and servicing processes

Our Toolset

  • Policy and portfolio modeling and appraisal software
  • Performance measurement analytics
  • Life settlement-specific mortality tables
  • Impaired life underwriting manuals
  • Predictive analytics tools for identifying key drivers of mortality