Mergers and Acquisitions Actuarial Consulting

Elucidor has developed a specialty in conducting actuarial analysis for buy-side investors.  Analyzing a target requires a thorough understanding and analysis of public and private information concerning the target property.  Sales of insurance properties are almost always accompanied by a seller-sponsored actuarial report.  These reports inevitably tend to provide a rosier picture of the seller than is realistic.

We are known for taking a clear-eyed view of these reports and assimilating other available information to produce a realistic value of the  target.  Our analyses incorporate actuarial, financial and business strategic reviews of the target.

Sample projects on which we have worked on behalf of large hedge funds and financial institutions include:

  • Analyzing the private sale of a financially distressed life reinsurance company
  • Advising a hedge fund on being a founding investor in a new P&C reinsurance carrier
  • Analyzing the break-up value of a conglomerate insurance company
  • Analyzing the sell-side actuarial report on a large reinsurance company sale

Furthermore, we have conducted a large number of projects appraising insurance and reinsurance companies as well as insurance-linked securities.  Please see insurance security analysis for more details.