Impaired Life Mortality

Elucidor has extensive experience with impaired life mortality.  We have developed underwriting manuals for assessing impaired lives for  life insurance, critical illness and life settlements, and created models to price impaired life insurance. We have built advanced systems to measure the risk of impaired lives.

In assessing impaired lives, it is critical to ensure that the underlying mortality and morbidity tables are appropriate for the target populations. Standard mortality tables are often not suitable in an impaired life context. We have developed mortality tables and underwriting manuals that are consistent with one another and do not contain undesirable biases.

Impaired life populations are far more heterogeneous than typical insured life populations.  Traditional actuarial techniques for assessing mortality or morbidity typically require reasonably homogenous populations and large amounts of data to make adequate risk profile inferences.  Elucidor has developed powerful  machine learning techniques that extract large amounts of information from limited data,  which allow for a far more accurate assessment of the underlying risks of the impaired lives.  This, in turn, produces far more effective and profitable underwriting of impaired lives.

Technology and Resources

  • Bayesian infrastructure
  • Generalized linear models
  • Flexible modeling system
  • Dedicated impaired life base mortality tables

Sample Projects

  • Development of impaired life underwriting manuals for life insurance, critical illness, and life settlements
  • Actual / Expected Studies that drill down to granular factors
  • Co-morbidity studies