Turing Award goes to Bayesian Network Specialist

The Turing Award, which is the computer science equivalent of the Nobel Prize, was awarded to Judea Pearl.  Pearl was honored for his contributions to artificial intelligence.  He championed a probabilistic way of creating smart computer systems rather than building a set of rules.  These systems are encapsulated in Bayesian Networks.

Bayesian analysis forms a core component of Elucidor’s DeepInsight! technology.  DeepInsight!  is used in the insurance, reinsurance and investment community, to answers fundamental questions such as:

  • How risky is a particular insured?
  • When will a bond default?
  • What makes this mortgage more or less secure than the rest of a pool of mortgages?
  • How do you improve your underwriting capabilities for a set of insurance risks.  

Instead of creating a set of rules to establish the risk takers underwriting procedures, DeepInsight! uses the available data to formulate the risk analysis through the use of Bayesian Networks.

You can read more about Judea Pearl here and here.


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